German Shepherd Issues

Black German Shepherd barking can sometime become a big problem for the owner and also for people who live around them. You can not complain about it as dogs are meant to bark, that is their way of communicating, but you can control it by following few techniques.

There are few main reasons of excessive German shepherd barking:


  • It might be in their breed, some German shepherds find barking a reward to themself, it helps them burn their excessive energy and satisfies their inner self.
  • German shepherds are territory protectors, so when a stranger enters or is close to their territory they start barking.
  • Sometimes they bark when they are startled.
  • They bark when they are happy and playing, along with wagging their tail in excitement.
  • Sometimes German shepherds bark when they need attention of their owners.
  • Separation anxiety is also a thing among German shepherds, and when they feel this way they start barking.


Punishing or shouting at your German shepherd will never help in making him stop barking excessively. One should teach their German shepherd to bark on command, this will help solve the problem.


You need to start with teaching your dog the ‘speak’ and ‘quiet’ command.

To teach the ‘speak’ command, follow the steps below:


  • Get your dog excited. Throw his toy, jump up and down or make barking noises. The point here is to get him over-the-top excited.
  • Once your dog is barking open and close your hand, this is your hand signal. Do this while saying the word ‘speak’.
  • Mark and reward each time your your dog barks.


Once your dog understand this, the next step is not to reward for more than one bark at a time. Mark and reward is important to show him you only want one bark.

After you have mastered the ‘speak’ command, now teach your German Shepherd the ‘quiet’ command. For that do the following steps:


  • Follow the same steps by getting your dog excited and revved up. This will make him bark.
  • Once your dog is barking put your open hand just in front of his nose. Now say the word ‘quiet’ in a firm but kind voice.
  • The second your dog stops barking mark and reward his behavior.


This way your dog will quickly learn that when you make a specific signal and it means to become quiet.

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What are Refurbished Laptop?

refurbished laptop

Usually when you see a laptop marked as refurbished anywhere be it in a physical shop or on an online store, you usually get discouraged to make that purchase. But should you be discouraged? Are these laptops worth investing in?

The short answer is that they are definitely worth it. HP is well known for their refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are basically new laptops that had been returned by their previous customers because they had found a defect in the laptop. That owner was given a replacement; whereas, the defective laptop was fixed and then repackaged and then it is being sold anew.

The only difference now is that the same laptop that would have cost you about $800 would cost you about $500. The same great deal of entertainment laptop available at the price of a budget laptop. This is the best bargain that you can ever imagine.

So are refurbished laptops defective in any way? No way, as mentioned before, the defect that was found by the original owner has been fixed. This is one caveat, the warranty, instead of being a 1 years, is not reduced to only 3 months. So people are willing to take that risk because of the awesome deal that you can get.

The money that you save, you can then invest it on a great PC monitor as well as on other accessories like wireless keyboard, mouse, hard disk, bag, sleeve, headsets, mouse pads etc.

Do I recommend refurbished laptops? absolutely. There is no reason not too. When you see the deal that you can get with such laptops, you too will be convinced. If you are worried about them getting damaged, well rest assured that it all depends upon how you use it. That is the case with all laptops. If you use them properly, they can last for quite long. However, if you use them and abuse them, their life can be very short.

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Why some Folding Bikes are so popular ?

Dahon Speed Uno is the compact version of the Dahon MU Uno and is comparatively cheaper as well. It has a simple and sleek design that is perfect both for the leisure seekers and commuters. It is a great all-rounder equipped with incredible features and a lightweight frame.

Dahon is a popular brand, and both of its models Dahon Speed Uno and Dahon MU Uno are the top selling folding bikes in the USA. If you are thinking to buy the Dahon Speed Uno, have a look at some of its outstanding features that we have discussed below.

speed uno

Outstanding Design & Comfort

It has a design that feels more like that of a freestyle bike. The bike comes with a matte black frame and doesn’t have any ugly looking cables for brakes. Its comfortable seat gives you a great riding experience, and it is adjustable as well.

Single Speed

Just like the Dahon MU Uno, the Speed Uno offers a single speed and comes without gear changing cables. This feature is actually the selling point of this bike. You can ride on the smooth city roads or the harsh terrains such as uphill ride.

Wheel Size

It has a wheel size of 20 inches. Not an ideal size, but still it gives you the advantage of quicker acceleration and effortless storage.

Quick Folding & Lightweight Frame

The bike weighs only 24.2 pounds and is the lightest folding bike of Dahon and folds up within 15 seconds. This gives you the ease of lifting it upstairs or elevating in your car trunk or taking under the subways.

Final Words

Dahon Speed Uno is undoubtedly one of the best folding bikes that boast a solid construction with a sleek and shiny design. Whether you are a commuter or a leisure seeker, this bike is perfect for you.

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A Fun and Stylish House: It’s Possible!

No, don’t worry; it’s not going to be an endless harangue. This is going to be a short, concise and very interesting article, which has been written with only one purpose: instruct you on how you can make of your house a place with more fun and with an excellent style. This is our mission, and that’s why we have written and released this article.

These tips are practical, because we want you to apply them in your house as soon as possible. Without nothing left to say, it’s time to begin.


If you want to bring your house that modern and fun style, then you need to invest in technology. First off, one of the principal things you should do, is to bring more protection to your house. We mean, you should install a great home security system. This will make your house more modern, and safer at the same time; that’s a perfect example of “kill two birds with one stone”!

home security systemBut now that you have understood the importance of protecting your house, it’s time to jump into more specific points. One of the best things you can do for your house is to buy a great soundbar. For this, you should check what the best soundbars are. These great little products are the real deal when it comes to high quality sound at an affordable price. Ok, some of these best soundbars are quite expensive, but you can find several options that go barely above $200.

Along with that, you should consider upgrading your PC and your TV. Adding more technology to your house should never be considered as something noxious, because it will always add more value to your house, and this value will make of it a better place to live in.

As you can see, technology plays a very important role in your house. That’s why upgrading it is always a very good idea – that’s the reason why we encourage you to do that.

Beyond Technology:

But a house is not all about technology. Apart of it, you also have to invest into remodeling the looks of your house. If you feel like your house simply doesn’t look, either indoors or outdoors, then it’s about time to bring a change in place.

You must embrace change, because this is the nature of progress. If you think the paint of your walls doesn’t go along with the kind of style you want to reach, then by all means we encourage you to change it as soon as possible. Because the paint on your walls is going to hold a decisive role in the look of your house.

Another thing you should consider is to add more decoration to it. Without proper decoration, a house is simply awful. You need to take care about this, because a house without good decoration can’t be a good house. Choice a decoration that truly goes along the lines of the style you want to reach.

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